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Soft Touch Denim
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Recognized for the XXXL choice of denims offered to its customers, celio * surprises you again at the start of the year with the "soft touch", the softest jeans on the market. You can wear it from morning to evening, and from evening to morning, without any discomfort! To obtain this unique sensation, we played on 3 tables: a unique combination of yarns, a specific weaving and the finishing. In this last step, the fabric is brushed by hand, then washed with volcanic stones to soften it and finally, fused with softening products. Result, you have to touch it to believe it, jeans are as soft as cashmere! And thanks to the use of super quality materials, the fabric is flexible, BUT not soft: no “pocket” or “bump” effect that ruins the quickdraw! This “soft touch” model exists in 2 cuts: the classic “slim” and the new “fit” of the season, the very fashionable “Slim Tapered” (shorter with tighter hem).

Soft Touch Denim

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