focus on our jeans innovations!

celio * continues to innovate around denim, because if the “fit” of jeans gives it its specificity, its material gives it its character. As the French leader in men's jeans, celio * is constantly developing new innovations to guarantee the best of denim. Comfort, durability, style and quality, we are constantly developing new materials to concretely meet your daily needs and make your life easier. Discover all our ranges to find your next jeans.

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powerflex jeans

A premium super stretch fabric!

Imagine jeans with an authentic denim look, combined with total fabric flexibility: this is the “ powerflex ”! And contrary to what one might think, it is not because it is flexible that it will deform. Thanks to its unique and patented material, it always returns to its initial "fit" and keeps an impeccable hold over the long term. You get the original look of denim, with added comfort and flexibility.

stay dark jeans

An innovative stain that allows dark shades to stay longer !

Machine washes sometimes leave nasty white streaks on dark jeans. To keep them in their initial shade, celio* innovates with the « stay dark » dye. This special dye helps maintain the deep look of denim for longer.

water repellent jeans

A water-repellent fabric on which liquids do not penetrate !

With its water-repellent treatment, the fabric stays dry, and you are impeccable when you arrive at the office, even in case of rain. And to stay zen, the water repellent finish also makes it stain resistant! Its slim fit flatters all figures. This technological innovation is not very common on the market. However, « water repellent » does not mean “waterproof”, too much liquid ends up permeating the fabric and this finish fades over the washings.

mesh jeans

The comfort of jogging with the look of denim!

Between jeans and jogging, there is now “ meshjeans ! This new and revolutionary product indeed provides the comfort of fleece thanks to its specific weaving, while maintaining the more formal appearance of jeans. A relaxed fit, a comfortable fabric and a silhouette that remains elegant, it's the smart choice!