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Enter the celio * full denim universe and find your ideal jeans.

Celio * continues to innovate around denim. Our mission is to bring you the best and the latest denim innovations in terms of comfort, durability, style, and quality. We are constantly developing new materials to concretely meet your daily needs and make your life easier. Celio * offers nearly 50 models for this: all possible cuts, all washes and of course the latest innovations in fabric.

Celio *, leader in men's jeans in France, takes “blue” very seriously to make your life easier: with us, you are sure to find the denim you want!

A story of fit
Because all men are different: their morphologies, but also their desires and their style, celio * offers 6 cuts, also called “fits”, which allow each man to find his ideal jeans.

  • 6 fits

  • 4 innovative materials

  • All shades of wash

  • From 36 to 52, in 3 lengths

  • 50 models

With celio *, be 100% sure to
find YOUR jeans.

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jeans guide - A story of fit

Color lesson

1 - Also opt for the unmissable fashion of the moment, the "bleached" with its clear canvas reminiscent of the 90s.
2 - The "random wash" offers a random rendering when washed
3 - To tone up the denim with nuances of colors, celio * perfectly masters the “overdye” technique.
4 - More elaborate, you have to try the traditional "stone". Thanks to its pumice treatment, it has a natural worn look and marked abrasion on the seams and pockets, as if it had already been worn.
5 - celio * also offers “blue black” wash, blue jeans dipped in a black dye. Gradually, the blue will emerge with subtlety for a singular optical effect.
6 - Basic of the male wardrobe, the “brut” is a garment that looks like you because its canvas fades over time. It makes it absolutely personal.

by celio

Because your jeans have to have personality.

celio * continues to innovate around denim, because if the "fit" of jeans gives it its specificity, its material gives it its character. Quality, comfort, style and durability. Discover the innovations by celio * available in different cuts, materials and colors.

see the innovation guide

Style advice

Dare the total denim look

Casual, chic or sportswear, play with denim in mix & match with the timeless and seasonal pieces of the celio * wardrobe. Mix your favorite jeans with a shirt, an overshirt or a jacket.

Jeans can last longer than a love affair with the right maintenance reflexes.

Raw: purists will tell you that you shouldn't wash raw jeans but air them out, to keep their initial color. If you still want to wash it, put it upside down, immerse it in a basin of lukewarm water and wring it out in the machine at 400 revolutions max .

Other washes : wash at 30 ° maximum , inside out, with a gentle spin (maximum 800 turns).

In general, to ensure the longevity of your jeans, wash less! Wait until you have worn your jeans at least 5 times, the planet will thank you :)

dryers are the enemies of jeans, they damage fibers and colorings. Hang them or lay them flat to dry, this will keep them in their original shape. Ideally in a dark place to avoid discoloration from the sun.

Know how

Everything you always wanted to know about our jeans

A "good" jeans is built in 3 steps: spinning to create a long, flexible cotton thread, then twill weaving and finally washes, that is to say, all the techniques that give it its unique color. Celio * favors denim fabrics in stretch comfort (98% cotton and 2% elastane) or “knit denim” to offer you the right look in jeans with maximum well-being.

Comfort is also a selling price that doesn't make the wallet cry: our essentials are offered at a single price of € 49.99 for jeans or € 79.99 for both. The collection even offers a “ skinnyfirst price line at€ 29.99 . This range aligns a multitude of colors and washes ranging from black to gray and, of course, different shades of blue.

Knowing how to recognize the right details to buy jeans that last a long time, even a very long time

It is not only the canvas that makes the jeans, it is also all the details that constitute it. For example, tight, not too fine and aligned stitches prove a regular and neat work. With your denim in hand, if you pull lightly on either side of a seam, the two yokes should not move apart and no light should pass through the stitches. At celio *, the pocket liners are reinforced to safely accommodate keys, cell phone and your coins!

The celio twist

Jeans textile innovations, mastered cuts, neat finishes, celio know-how for more than 30 years is also in the details .

Label, stitching, personalized rivets, everything has been designed to create well-made, trendy and quality jeans .