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How can I contact celio* ?

The celio team is attentive to your needs by e-mail.

Fill the contact form to send your request / question.

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Can I find the same collections on the site as in a shop?

The site offers almost the entire celio collections but not every products are available on the website.

Why doesn't the product I'm looking for appear on the site?

If the product you want is not visible on the site, maybe it is no longer available presently on the platform, maybe it will be available soon (missing the visuals or description at this moment), or maybe it is a specific product only available in stores.

You can find similar items by using the search function or browsing categories.

How will I be informed about new products and special offers in stores?

To remain informed about celio new products and special offers in store, simply visit the website or subscribe to our loyalty program.

What is the quality of the products you offer?

All items are subjected to a very careful quality control.

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I don’t receive any of your e-mail

These e-mails may be in your "junk" e-mail or "spam" folder of your e-mail program. These programs are more sensitive to protecting the privacy of its users by identifying e-mails that are not in your contacts for example. We advise you to authorize the domain "" in your anti-spam tool and / or mailbox.

If this is not the case, it may be due to an error in your e-mail address and we invite you to contact us as soon as possible.

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