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Welcome to Fantastic Rewards. Being a fan of celio is now so muche more rewarding! The Celio Fantastic Rewards Program has over 1, 00, 000 fans and adds new fans everyday.

Earn loyalty points when you buy celio merchandise and get more points for your social interactions with celio :

1. Purchase points every time you buy celio merchandise

2. Earn social points when you share what you love about celio

Enter Celio's world of effortless style and get Fantastic

Points on purchase

Get purchase points when you shop at celio store.

These points can be redeemed for their entire value.

Share and earn points

Get social point when you like or share on celio’s Facebook page, follow celio on Twitter and check-in at a celio store on FourSquare and Facebook.

Find out what you can earn

On purchase : Rs.100 = 1 purchase point = Re.1

For example : buy a stylish celio shirt worth RS.1000 and earn 10 purchase points. These points can be redeemedfor their entire value.

On social media : 100 social points = 1 purchase point = Re.1

For example : like and share a post on Facebook to earn 30 social points

Social points generated through interaction will be updated immediatly. They can be checked through celio fantastic reward app or the celio rewards website

You could be a part of the Celio Fantastic Rewards too

1. Easy ! Just download the celio fantastic Rewards App on your smart phone.

2. Register on the app

3. You’re now ready to buy, share and redeem!

The nerve-centre of the program right on your phone

- the latest celio catalogues

- offer alerts you'd hate to miss

- exclusive invites to cool events

- reward points and more

Also get social points every time you share this world with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ from within the app.

For ful account of all your loyalty points and to choose from select celio merchandise pf the season, visit :

To redeem your Fantastic Rewards Points:

1. Check the mobile app or the online rewards catalogue

2. Visit an exclusive celio store

3. Redeem all your purchase points and up to 1000 social points in any given month.